Thank You Chris Dodd!

Thank you for standing for the Constitution.

Thank you filibustering against telecom immunity in the Senate, and vowing to fight on.

Thank you for being a leader.

For standing up for what we all believe in, you deserve our highest respect.


Dodd's amendment has failed, and retroactive immunity will likely pass the Senate.

Chris Dodd had this to say:

"We’ve just sanctioned the single largest invasion of privacy in American history."

The fight now moves to the House, who passed a bill in November without retroactive immunity. If they hold strong, there is still a chance to stop this.

And if the House caves, Dodd has pledged to filibuster the final bill.

So, time to put pressure on the House to reject telecom amnesty!


How can you help?

  1. Write your Representative. Tell them to stand by the RESTORE Act that they passed in November.
  2. Sign the petition to support the RESTORE Act.
  3. Thank Chris Dodd for his leadership.


People who want you to thank Dodd:
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